Wednesday, July 1, 2009




Economy is down...What are some ways that people are fighting the tough times?

I have not lost my job, had my wage reduced, so I guess I am lucky as of yet. But I have had my hours cut back quite a bit compared to this time last year, and my income is not near what it was last year. The bills are still getting paid but its nice to have that financial cushion with little worries in the air. The ability to pick up and leave work to go camping or the next football game, something I am quite a bit more reluctant to do in these trying times.

This is my first blog, and reason for it is the curiosity to see what others may be doing in the same situation to give their bank accounts a boost through the recession, especially in the summer when the last thing on anybodies mind is being at work. I do not care to be in coveralls when its hot out, nor be stuck in an air conditioned building. The lake, mountains, or nearest quad trail is much more up my alley.

So, what opportunities are out there?